Fundamentals of Contemporary Marketing (guest blogger Allen Mowery)

This is the first of a two-part series by my friend Allen Mowery. Allen is the owner of mowerygraphix, and has some valuable insights on the subject of marketing.

Allen is working with Walls Down Church on various projects and has some insights that everyone should be aware of, and so with no further ado… Allen Mowery.


Raucous applaus as Allen enters stage right…

con·tem·po·rary: marked by characteristics of the present period; modern, current.
Nothing in today’s world is the same as it was before. Okay, granted a few things have never changed: Grandma’s hairdo remains the same as the day she married Grandpa, women are impossible to decode, and the sun continues to rise in the East. But by en large this world is vastly different than it was seventy-five or a hundred years ago. Society’s morals and values seem to have made their exit with the Dodo Birds, our music has undergone radical transformations, we all would die without our instantaneous technology (guilty here), and the consumer market has to have everything now, just to name a few. Many changes have been for the better, and many have left a lot to be desired. But debating the pros and cons of an ever evolving world does nothing for the simple fact that things are different.
One area that has changed significantly throughout the past century, and especially in the last several decades is the face of marketing and advertising. Gone are the days when hordes of excited souls would anxiously beat a proverbial path to your door. Today, name recognition and marketing takes effort. With that being said, the boom of the Internet, increased affordability of professional marketing services, and various creative publicity outlets have opened up numerous opportunities to businesses and organizations. Branding is one of the most important factors in today’s marketing world. Maintaining a consistent image and strong message throughout all of your marketing efforts is vital for business, product, and quality recognition. But in addition to knowing how to brand your business or organization, it is imperative that you know your target market and where to advertise. Over the past several years many companies have witnessed a dramatic shift in the sources for leads generation and customers. Venues such as the Yellow Pages, newspapers and magazines that had once been a tried and true method for attracting customers are rapidly losing ground on a global scale. The Internet is becoming the number one resource of choice for consumers as they research companies, products, and ultimately life decisions. Let’s take a look at several fundamental points that will help solidify the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

And we’ll do that tomorrow in Part 2.

In the meantime, if you want to check out Allen’s work you can check him out at:

His website

His blog



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