If you choose to lead

Reading from The Leader’s Voice by Boyd Clarke and Ron Crossland, I encountered this quote… read it, embrace it, live it:

If you choose to lead, prepare to take a stand. It is not for the fainthearted. Some will judge you unfairly, blaming you for their lack of success. Others will expect resources you cannot give, answers that you do not have, and permission you cannot grant. You will be misquoted. Your judgement will be questioned.

You will certainly stumble. Failure will stalk you like a predator. […] The toughest problems will be yours alone. You must take responsibility for the failures and give credit for the successes. Lose the fantasy that you will be cherished, immortalized, and revered. Expect long hours and few moments of gratitude.

Expect also that some will soar beyond your expectations. They will create magic inspired by your dream. They will make you glad you chose to lead. They will hear what you say, understand it, care about it, and act. Together, you will engage in the best work of your lives.

To all of you who are leading in any capacity, I tip my hat to you and celebrate you! You, Leader, are a hero!

One thought on “If you choose to lead

  1. Other great books on leadership are:

    Tribes, by Seth Godin. It’s marketing related, but can be applied to ANYTHING.

    Also anything by Zig Ziglar has far reaching possibilities in helping with leadership qualities. As well as motivating the crap out of you.

    I’ve actually been meaning to ask you if you have ever heard of him.



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