Should you blog?

Recently a couple of guys have been thinking through why or why not to blog. If you’re thinking about starting up a blog, or if you are blogging and have lost focus, check out these blogposts:

You might also be interested in Carlos Whittaker’s story over at He was a prolific blogger with an incredible following who recently shut down his blog. You can check out his story here.

Why do I blog? Three reasons:

  • It’s a journal for me
  • It’s a resource of learning and encouragement for you
  • It’s a networking tool for you and me

Go and make it a great day!

2 thoughts on “Should you blog?

  1. Paul –

    Good information. It comes at an interesting time for me, as a blogger as well. For nearly 2 months now I have been thinking, re-thinking, evaluating and wondering what to do with, not only my blog, but my entire on-line time and connectivity. Listening to Los’s video, I can agree almost word for word with what he said. What I have come down to is that I will leave my facebook up for connectivity with friends (like you), but I feel and have felt like my personal blog has reached the end of the road. Taking a step back has been refreshing and helped me to realize what and where I am spending my time.

    Just my insights. Praying for Walls Down and your team!! Let’s connect soon.

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