So why did you guys pull the plug on the church plant

Over the next weeks/months I’m going to be answering a lot of questions I’ve been asked or that or that have been implied regarding our decision to conclude our church planting effort.

This has potential to be a huge learning experience for all of us (particularly church planters).

Why do this? The truth is that a ton of church planters  have had and will have similar experiences, so let’s all learn from them together. If we had succeeded we would have shared what we learned (like my friend Shaun King). Because I believe in the “Get and Give” principle (get some learnin’ then give it to someone else), I want to explore our church planting experience with you. Perhaps you will learn something that will encourage you, change your mind, clarify a decision, prevent a mistake, or something else.

So, what kinds of questions do you have? By the way, you don’t have to be a church planter to ask questions! You can be a friend, a supporter, a skeptic, or just a normal dude drinking a brewskie reading the blog…

You can respond with a comment, send me a message on Twitter (@paulpeterson), or shoot me an e-mail (link is in the upper left hand corner).

Oh, and one more thing, if you see a question you want to answer… go for it! Let’s make this a learning experience!

4 thoughts on “So why did you guys pull the plug on the church plant

  1. Hey Paul,
    Here’s the first question from a non-church planter. How do you tell the difference between the normal opposition and setbacks of church planting vs. the big moment when you sense that the whole plan won’t come to fruition in its current form?

  2. What was the defining moment? How did you know it was time to pull the plug instead of digging your heels in and spinning the fly-wheel a few more times?

    Was there a pivotal point? Or a slow fade?

  3. What was your original time line of how you thought things might go?

    What would you name as the best success during this time?

  4. Are you and your ladies connected to a church? are you preaching? Are you sensing a direction that God is taking you? Praying for you and the ladies

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