Restoring Spiritual Passion

Gordon McDonald is one of my favorite authors. He has written many books. Recently I finished reading, for the second time, his book, Restoring Your Spiritual Passion.

The basic premise of this book is that we are doing more and enjoying it less. We have become a “weary” people.

He writes,

“Weariness is not the honest tiredness of the body we will all feel at the end of a good working day. Rather it is the weariness of a tired spirit, the state of passionlessness where serving the Lord has become a tasteless experience, where the power and the delight of being a man or woman of God is missing.

Is there hope for the weary?

McDonald teaches that a wise person knows those seasons, events, relationships, etc. that are most likely to drain our passion, and plans for them! To paraphrase Bill Hybels, “Passion leaks.” You simply cannot expect your passion for anything to stay “up” on it’s own. It must be nurtured.

In this book, McDonald discusses the three ways to nurture passion:

  1. Safe Places
  2. Still Times
  3. Special Friends

The safe places provide us a venue to discover who God is. The still times give us a chance to hear what God is saying. Our special friends give us encouragement and insight as we live out God’s desire for our lives.

McDonald ends this book with a prayer:

Holy Father,

In the frenzy of our modern lives at home, in the market place, and in the church, keep before us your invitation to intimacy.

Help us to locate those safe places, where in still times you will speak into our spirit from your Word, by your Spirit, through our special friends. May we learn as a result how to live in pursuit of your wishes.

For all who are weary, empty of spirit, directionless or numb, I pray for the restoration of spiritual passion. The reason? To be a pleasure to you and a light to the world.


This is an older book (1986), but the investment of a couple of dollars and handful of hours will prove to be worth your while as you seek to develop or renew your spiritual passion! (Click here to go to Amazon and purchase this book)

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