The 1%ers (one percenters)

Sunday we ate lunch with an authentic biker dude. He rode a loud Harley, was dressed in leather, covered in tattoos, had a long goatee and long hair, and wore dark glasses and a skull cap. This dude was legit.

We had a great time! We looked like the Brady Bunch with Hells Angels!

Anyhow, during our conversation I asked him about motorcycle gangs. He said, “Bikers talk about the ‘One Percenters.'” Most bikers aren’t gangsters waiting to run you off the road and slice your throat. According to my friend, only a handful (e.g. 1%) are really that bad.

In other words, just because you ride a loud motorcycle, sport some tats and don’t shave doesn’t mean your a thug.

Good point!

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that a leading abortion provider was shot and killed in church this past Sunday (Read about it here).

There are some rumblings, and they are likely to increase in intensity, regarding the persuasions (political, religious) of this man and other people who have murdered abortion providers.

As a follower of Jesus who is pro-life, I would like to publicly denounce all who resort to violence and take the law in their own hands in an attempt to end abortion. I would also like to say that I consider them the “One Percenters.”

Every group has them… the fringe element that disparage the reputation of the whole. Democrats and Republicans have them. Muslims have them. Women have them. And Christians have them too.

Do not judge my Leader (Jesus), my faith, my church, my friends, my position on abortion, or me by the actions of a few crazies. We are not them and they are not us. They are the One Percenters.

3 thoughts on “The 1%ers (one percenters)

  1. The guy that shot Dr. Tiller was a loon. Amongst his other beliefs, he belonged to the Tax Protestor and Sovereign Citizen Movements (people who claim the Federal and State Governments have no jurisdiction over them).

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