Some personal waddup

Sitting on our back deck for the last time. In a few hours we will be leaving Cincinnati to start the next chapter of our lives in Rock Hill, SC. We’re excited!

Some reflections:

  • This is the third summer in a row that we’ve moved. It must be the last for a long time!
  • Sherri is 7 months pregnant! Every time we move she ends up pregnant! We beat the system this time… we did it BEFORE we moved!
  • “The Ladies” have been awesome these last couple of weeks! It’s been crazy for them! Basically we eat breakfast and then they go out and play in the backyard all day! I can’t wait to get back to normal.
  • Last night we had some great friends help us pack up the ‘ole Penske truck. Thanks to each of you wonderful people!
  • I had a goal that when we left this home, our “landlord” would say, “This is the best condition we’ve ever had one of our rentals left in.” Yesterday his property manager walked in the house. She said, “Wow! I wish all of our renters would leave their properties like this!” Close enough.
  • The things we learned through our church planting residency at and throughout this last year of working on a church plant will shape the way we do ministry forever.
  • To our friends in Cincinnati, thanks for taking a step of faith with us! It did not work out like we thought it would BUT what has happened in our hearts and lives AND even in the lives of those around us has been greater and more significant than what we could have imagined! Stay in the game! Keep trusting God! Keep taking risks! Keep following Christ and pointing others in His direction!
  • To our new friends in Rock Hill, we can’t wait to begin the journey with you! God has been writing a story in your lives, in the local church, in the Rock Hill community, and in our lives! This Sunday those four stories come together! We are looking forward to expanding the influence of Jesus and seeing lives changed as a result of faith in Christ!

Alrighty, there’s a big yellow truck with 5 wonderful ladies waiting for me! I’m outa here!


One thought on “Some personal waddup

  1. Brotherman!

    I am praying for you! This is going to be a great time for you and the crew!

    Give it your best shot!


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