Some waddup

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind three weeks, but we’re getting settled in and ready to get in the game!

A few things:

  • We found a home! We decided to go smaller and in the country so we could maintain financial margin rather than go with our preference (larger and closer to the city) and be financially maxed out and stressed! God is setting us up for some incredible life lessons in our new home/neighborhood, but that’s a post for another day.
  • The little stuff of getting settled in takes a LOT of time: open a new bank account, switch driver’s license, new insurance, setting up utilities, talking with new schools, finding new grocery stores… oh, and finding a new doctor, one who will deliver our FIFTH daughter!!!
  • We spent five days in a hotel! Six people (4 of them are children) in one room, and when we weren’t in the room we were in a van looking at houses. I learned a lesson – too much quantity time can diminish quality time. 😉
  • I’m spending this week getting my bride and “The Ladies” settled in our home. Next week I’m going to begin turning my full attention to the church. Here’s my take on this: ministry happens best when there’s a healthy home base. Don’t forget it and don’t ignore it! Take care of your family!
  • This morning was my first “church” meeting. It went well! We spent some time discussing church life and finances, and also spent time rearranging the church in anticipation of the sermon series over the next three weeks. Our series is called “Simple.” I’m going to be teaching about simple unity; simple choice; and simple mission.
  • This last season of our lives has been one of the hardest ones ever AND YET we have come through it with stronger faith in Christ, a deeper determination to follow and risk for Him, a more mature love for one another, a renewed sense of priorities, and a more focused vision.

Well, that’s it for now… I’ve gotta go hang some pictures for my bride!

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