Some waddup

Living in South Carolina… it is good! Sweet tea, Zaxby’s chicken, friendly people, warm sun, low taxes…. ahhhhh! Anyhow, enough about the goodness of this new land! A quick overview of what’s been going on in the our lives:

  • Baby #5 is coming… quickly! Crazy thing here… we still don’t have a name for “her.” Last night I said to Sherri, “What if the reason we’re having such a hard time coming up with a girl’s name is because we’re going to have a BOY?” Let it be noted that on July 29th at 10:29 p.m. I made this comment.
  • We are getting settled into our neighborhood rather nicely! At a recent Homeowners Association Meeting, I volunteered to create a community blog where all of our neighbors could interact online. Everyone seemed excited about this idea. I am too. Interesting thing, I am doing this as a volunteer… and I’m excited! I believe that everyone has something that they can do/will do as a volunteer that will add value to others and be fulfilling to the one serving. The job of the leader is to help people find that spot. OR if your leader isn’t helping you find that spot… speak up! In my case, the HOA leader said there was a need for an online community and that rang my bell.
  • South Carolina has the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen! They’re so big I don’t even like to squash them in a paper towel… I’ve started shooting them with my 20 gauge! 😉
  • One of my neighbors used to be a mixed martial arts fighter. He and a couple other guys in the neighborhood regularly get together to “grapple.” He invited me. I will participate. A great way to meet people… fight with them! 😉
  • God has placed some incredible men in my life. I am privileged to learn from some of the most godly and wise leaders you can imagine.
  • I’m doing a better job of communicating with our leadership and the church than I’ve ever done before. Why? I’m implementing much of what I learned from E-Myth Revisited and the systems we created for Walls Down Church.
  • Our family has come through one of the toughest years of our life… no… the toughest. And you know what? We’re stronger than we’ve ever been. The secret? Our strength no longer flows from our capacity but from His!
  • My buddy Joey Guido and I are getting ready to launch a dialogue series on our blogs. Joey is a very spiritual man who is committed to Native Indian spirituality. He’s been reading through the Bible recently and is asking some great questions. I asked him if he wanted to go public with this conversation. He said “yes” and so we are! I’m looking forward to it!

Hey! Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “Some waddup

  1. Paul,
    I look forward to that dialogue! I had a friend that was very interested in Native American spiritualism. I can’t wait either. Can’t wait to meet your new friend.

  2. I know from experieance a 20 gauge is NOT what a red neck preacher uses to kill spiders. He breaks out the 44 mag with snake shot.

  3. Dude,

    Check your date on your calendar… How did you say the “BOY” word on the 29th and post this on the 28th?

    You had me wanting to come see you with all the talk about tea and food right up till you talked about the spiders… Don’t miss you that much.

    Love ya Dude!

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