After church thoughts (8/9/09)

Today wrapped up a busy week for our family! We spent the week in Pleasantville, PA where I taught theology to pastors-in-training. After a day of traveling, we got home last night just in time for me to catch UFC 101 with a couple of my neighbors.

Today we started a new sermon series through the book of Ruth AND had our first ever Volunteer Orientation!

Some highlights from today:

  • We had more kids and adults than any point in our last five weeks. Our team is growing.
  • Michael and Carie Hamley, missionaries from Madrid Spain, were at church today. They shared that our group is one of their top support teams! Way to go church!
  • The teaching from today struck home with a number of people. It’s exciting to see people find hope and be refreshed through Bible teaching!
  • We ordered WAY TO MUCH pizza for our Volunteer Orientation! Here’s a tip for everyone who’s ordering pizza for events… not everyone who signs up shows up! There were however several people who were happy about the “over-order” as they ended up with a free pizza under their arm!
  • We had several new volunteers sign up through our Volunteer Orientation! It’s exciting to see the team expanding.
  • To each of you who are serving every weekend… Thank you.

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