How to be original

Reading C.S. Lewis’ talk on “Membership” (from his collection of speeches – The Weight of Glory). He said something that took me several gulps of coffee to finally understand, but when I grasped it I had to share it.

Many people in general, but young leaders in particular, spend a lot of time searching for their “purple cow” .. that idea, project, program, one-liner, etc. that makes them different… original… unique. I’ve done it. You’ve done it too.

Listen to what Lewis says, “No man who values originality will ever be original. But try to tell the truth as you see it, try to do any bit of work as well as it can be done for the work’s sake, and what men call originality will come unsought.”

Trying to be original won’t make you original! Originality isn’t found by itself, it is hidden in the details of ideas, projects, programs that already exist!

What say you?

(Check out this post inspired by Sam Walton and Brian Tome – Imitate to Become You)

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