Getting a kids ministry started

We showed this video at Wednesday Night Live.

Six weeks ago we had NOTHING when it came to kids ministry.

My bride, Sherri, and a handful of volunteers tackled that deficit head-on.

This is what has been created thus far!

In a matter of weeks Sherri will be stepping aside to add another child to the children’s ministry!

Right now we are looking for a Family Ministries Leader to continue the momentum and build what’s been started! Church, keep on praying, giving, serving, and inviting! God is using this team to point people to Himself! I’m proud to serve Christ with you!

5 thoughts on “Getting a kids ministry started

  1. Awesome video- I can tell you guys have a passion for kids and ministry! Sherri looks terrific!
    Pretty soon you’ll be holding your little bundle of sweet smelling joy 🙂

    Have always loved that song “Let them be little”

  2. So glad u are using all the stuff I put together! Am taking it to another level and improving on it all here—if I can help out in any way, you know where I am!

  3. Paul, it was so good to see all of your sweet faces, and that precious little baby bump of Sherri’s! It looks like you all are thriving in your new home. We miss seeing you, but know that you are just where God wants you to be. Much love and many prayers for you and your growing church.

  4. It was a wonderful video! Great song to put in there and LOVED the Mission Impossible music! That was great! Glad to see things are progressing well for you. I am very happy for you and Sherri. Continued blessings on your ministry in Rock Hill. 🙂

  5. Wow it brought tears to my eyes –I am so glad to see how wonderfully God has and is still blessing you..Gods greatest gift is the little children in the world and you are prepaing them for ministry by just doing what you are doing..God Bless you and Sherry …loved seeing all the little ones in their praising God …Enjoyed seeing your little ones too. Love you and miss you all.

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