After church thoughts (8/30/09)

Today we wrapped up our teaching series through the book of Ruth. It has been exciting to hear the feedback from this series! It’s amazing how relevant the Bible is for our current reality.

Some other highlights from this weekend:

  • Our volunteers meet early each Sunday morning to pray together. I also take this opportunity to share stories, present a quick challenge, etc. This morning I read parts of an e-mail from a family that recently attended. In the e-mail they shared these words, “We visited your church and I have to say, it was a wonderful experience. […] We left church that day feeling uplifted and hopeful. Thank you for a wonderful experience.” I’m proud of our volunteers that help create this kind of an experience.
  • Our Pastor of pastoral care is at work! Pastor Virgil is already visiting people in their homes and preparing to visit people in the hospital! He’s a great teammate!
  • You guys are exciting! I love hearing stories of how you are inviting your friends! I love hearing how you’re praying for and serving others! Keep up the great work! God is building a great team and preparing us for an exciting and effective re-launch!
  • I’m enjoying the “linger” that’s happening after church. Six weeks ago it seemed as if everyone was zipping out right after the last prayer. Now it seems that many are lingering… talking… sharing… loving… encouraging. I love it!
  • The entire kids wing was repainted this past week! It’s a neutral color in preparation for our Family Ministries Leader who is likely to want to introduce a theme/colors of his/her own. It’s ready… now we keep praying and looking for that person to lead our Family Ministries.

Guys! I love being your pastor. I look forward to Sundays and arrive at each service with high expectations that God will show up and do something uniquely divine when we come together to worship and witness!

Starting next week we’re going to be going on a spiritual journey together! I’ll be telling you more about it this week and next weekend!

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