Happy Birthday Dallas!

Yesterday was Dallas’ FOURTH birthday!

mlc team - easter boltz - cinc river 029

Some thoughts about Dallas:

  • Dallas is a problem solver. She will work on projects until they are done… completely.
  • Dallas has a beautiful voice. Recently I watched out of the corner of my eye as people in church stopped singing to listen to her sing.
  • Dallas has a HUGE vocabulary and knows when to use it. The other day I said something to her and she looked at me and said, “Dad, that’s weedicuwos.”
  • Dallas is courageous. She is not afraid of spiders, strangers, or any other thing that she probably should be afraid of.
  • Dallas has eyes that speak volumes. Her beautiful blue eyes express her soul in refreshingly authentic ways.
  • Dallas can make me laugh as hard and long as anyone in the world.
  • Dallas has a great imagination and is never at a loss for a good idea. Recently she suggested that we name “Baby #5″… Wolfie. Though we probably won’t go with “Wolfie” we sure do enjoy and celebrate her imagination.

The list could go on a for a while baby, but Daddy’s going to wrap it up by just saying to you and anyone who reads this… being “Daddy” to you is better than any other title I have or role I fill. I love you.

Happy Birthday princess!

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