After church thoughts (9/6/09)

Wow! Sunday was unique.

Sunday morning at about 8 a.m. Sherri said, “I think I may be going into labor.” We decided to wait and see how the morning went to make sure it wasn’t a false alarm.

We arrived at the church and all signs were pointing to go, but just to make sure, we called the doctor. When the doctor heard that this was Sherri’s fifth child she said, “Get in here now.”

We put our back up plan into action and sprinted to the hospital.

After several hours at the hospital and multiple tests we were told that it was a false alarm.

We have had five children and only one other time have we had a false alarm. What do you do when all signs point to go and the doctor herself says, “Get in here now.” You go. AND when it turns out to be a false alarm… well, like you can imagine we were pretty disappointed.

BUT, you guys were awesome! Pastor Dick was ready! He stepped right in, led the service, and from what I understand did a great job of teaching! Thank you Dick!

Our guest worship leader, Jason Hebert, did a wonderful job from all accounts. I regret that I wasn’t able to work with Jason, but under the circumstances… you understand. 😉

Our kids ministry volunteers stepped right up and took over in the absence of the kids leader, Sherri. Thank you guys for a job well done!

This past weekend Pastor Dick introduced our new teaching series, “God is…” This coming weekend we’re going to launch this teaching series with a vengeance! I’m looking forward to knowing God better with you!

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