The nines (testing)

  • 1:17 PM paulpeterson – testing some new technology. wondering how it’ll work!
  • 1:18 PM paulpeterson – Watching “The Nines”. Kind of neat to hear from people we haven’t heard from… ever.
  • 1:22 PM paulpeterson – I like Nancy Beach. Here’s the question, “As people get closer to me, do they discover more Christlikeness or less?”
  • 1:25 PM paulpeterson – Isolation is a liability for senior leaders.
  • 1:26 PM paulpeterson – The danger of isolation = the isolated leader won’t hear the truth about him/herself.
  • 1:26 PM paulpeterson – 3 ways to protect against the liability of isolationism:
    1. Spiritual practices – What practices do I need to intentionally engage in this ministry season? What are the ones most likely to build into me where I have needs.

    2. Safe relationships – confession and counseling are good things.

    3. Stretching experiences – expose yourself to an experience that will stretch you. Somewhere I can have my heart touched by the least of these

  • 1:38 PM paulpeterson – Pastor Furtick asks this question, “What if you’re doing exactly what God has called you to do and yet there’s a deficit… a dry spot?” So what if that’s you? What if you’re doing exactly what God has called you to do and yet there’s no “success”?
  • 1:40 PM paulpeterson – If the brook dries up it may not be because you’re disobedient, incompetent, etc. it may be because God is preparing to show a greater level of His power and glory!
  • 1:41 PM paulpeterson – Wow! Going from Furtick to McNeal was an incredible creative paradigm shift
  • 2:07 PM paulpeterson – Craig Groeschel: talking about the 3 things God is teaching him right now: 1) our values are constant but our culture must continually evolve. Jim Collins says, “Preserve the core, expand the base.” 2) How do we utilize the gifts of the people in our church? Delegating tasks creates followers. Delegating authority creates leaders. For too long, we’ve been recruiting volunteers. How do we begin releasing leaders? 3) I want to do ministry out of the overflow of the Spirit of God who is working in my life. Groeschel has picked up the discipline of journaling again.
  • 2:17 PM paulpeterson – Len Sweet : Confidence and humility = the Jesus Spirit. He’s a bit eccentric but really good!
  • 3:00 PM paulpeterson – Bil Cornelius: On how to gain mentors… 1) find people who are doing or have done what you want to do. read what they have written/are writing. 2) go to the right conferences. The right conference may not be the popular conference! 3) Coaching. one-on-one. A lot of pastors/leaders are beginning to offer this service. Have faith to step out and ask your dream mentor to coach you. 4) Line up meetings with the leaders that are one step ahead of you. 5) take leaders to lunch! They have to eat! 6) Do what they tell you to do BEFORE you meet with them again! They want to know that the time they invest in you is generating a profit! 7) Look for ways to bless them.
  • 5:11 PM paulpeterson – Mark Batterson: “I’d rather have one God idea than a thousand good ideas.”
  • 5:22 PM paulpeterson – Mark Batterson: “I’d rather have one God idea than a thousand good ideas.” “The best ideas aren’t necessarily the result of planning. They are often something that God reveals to us.”
  • 5:35 PM paulpeterson – Sam Chand: “When I work with high impact leaders, I find their lives to be immensely painful.” “Pain is that area that allows you to grow.” “What’s the difference between leaders of small ministries and large ministries? Pain threshold.” How to grow your pain threshold: 1) Become reflective. Learn from your pain. 2) Hang with people that have high pain in their life and ask how they are learning from it. 3) Take care of yourself. Don’t make key decisions on days when the pain is high. 4) Listen to your spouse. 5) Be careful! Don’t ask God to expand your pain threshold if you’re not serious. Pain is your friend. Don’t seek it but don’t run from it either. If you’re hurting… that’s not all bad. You will only grow through the threshold of your pain.
  • 5:45 PM paulpeterson – Dan Kimball: “In the church, tradition should never get in the way of mission or it is a sin.” For what it’s worth, this man still uses a DELL! Way to wave the banner for the PC tribe! He actually implied that in a world of MAC users PC users are the new revolutionaries!
  • 6:10 PM paulpeterson – Chip Henderson: “Take care of yourself.” “You will reproduce who you are.” Would you be happy with a church full of you? Take care of yourself… because no one else will or can.
  • 6:20 PM paulpeterson – Jud Wilhite: talking about the importance of managing the details in our lives, specifically as it relates to character. He calls it “character creep”… those things that slowly sabotage our character. How do we avoid “character creep”? 1) have a plan to maintain integrity in areas of finances, sexuality, pride, etc. “Keep your hands off the money. Keep your pants up. Stay out of the hot tub.” 2) Operate by the “media mode of operation.” Don’t do anything today that you would be uncomfortable seeing in the newspaper tomorrow. People can’t take your character. You can surrender it, but no one can take it.

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One thought on “The nines (testing)

  1. “Is it possible that we are living our lives to please people who at best can make us more comfortable, and at worse can make us a bit more uncomfortable?”

    I like your question a lot. It reminds me of how we live our lives in general: we can do what’s comfortable (which often leaves us feeling unhappy) OR we can do what’s best (which is usually not as comfortable, but makes us happier in the long run).

    Of course you’re talking about the real long run – the after life…

    It’s weird how humans are trained to underachieve in just about every aspect of life.



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