After church thoughts (9/20/09)

Yesterday was a tough day. Tough because of the content of the teaching AND tough because it addressed a personal issue in my own life. You can listen to the sermon and check out more series related “stuff” here.

The topic of yesterday’s teaching was, God is all He needs. He is self-sufficient and needs nothing other than what He is. Bottom line, nothing I do can make God better or worse. My success doesn’t improve Him and my failures do not diminish Him… and neither do your failures/successes.

This message is humbling because essentially, God doesn’t need me.

The exciting part of this teaching however is that in spite of the fact that He doesn’t need me… He wants me! He chooses to love and include those He doesn’t need! And that’s good news!

Some of the highlights from this weekend:

  • We are currently rotating in guest worship leaders as we search to identify and secure a regular worship leader in preparation for our re-launch. Jason Hebert was our guest worship leader this weekend. Good job Jason.
  • Feedback from a returning guest this week, “I and my kids love it here.” Way to go team!
  • This weekend was Mrs. Sherri Peterson’s last weekend as the Kids Ministry Leader.  While we continue our search for a Family Ministry Leader, we have had some wonderful volunteers step up and assume the leadership role during the gap. A HUGE thank you to Kim Buchanan and Barb Higgenbotham for taking the lead on this! Speaking of volunteers, I want to send a BIG thanks to Amy Hedstrom and Skip Conrad for ministering to our kiddos during the service. You have given up your weekends so that they can have one. Thank you.
  • We had some crazy slides this weekend. There were at least two critical points when the slides were out of order! It felt like I stood there for an eternity while the team found the right slide. While I’d like to blame the tech guys… I suppose I need to assume responsibility. The lesson here is don’t make last minute changes to the slides. Got it? I do, and I won’t do that to you again guys! 😉

Some things you should be aware of:

  • This coming Sunday night we are having a worship concert as the climactic beginning (paradox… I know) of our “God is…” series. PW Gopal is our worship leader for the weekend and will be leading the worship concert on Sunday night at 6 p.m. Put it on your calendar!
  • Last week we announced our partnership with Ebinport Elementary School. A couple of weeks ago we were able to purchase their entire “supplies need” list. We will be serving them in some way every single month until the school year ends. This gives us an opportunity to positively serve in our community! Thanks to Wendy Maldonado for taking the lead on this!

On a personal note, this was Sherri’s and my last Sunday as parents of four children! This Wednesday she is scheduled to be induced with our fifth daughter. I am so excited I can hardly wait! We look forward to introducing her to you!

Guys, we love you and are looking forward to re-launching our church with this team that God is putting together!

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