A note to the people who call me “Pastor”

People often wonder about the man (or woman) who provides spiritual leadership.  They have questions. Some are just normal “Who are you?” kinds of questions, others are “Can I trust you?” kinds of questions.

I am writing this blog for the people who call me “Pastor” in an effort to answer some of those questions.

Two disclaimers:

  1. I, like you, am on a journey and reserve the right to evolve in my opinions and beliefs.
  2. While I’m not who I want to be, because of Jesus I’m a whole lot better than I used to be.

And now some things about the man you call “Pastor”:

  • Sherri and I take a four hour date every Thursday night.
  • Every Friday afternoon I take two of my girls on a date (one at a time). The next Friday I take the other two out on a date. In other words, I date each daughter, alone, twice a month.
  • Friday nights are “Family Night” for our family.
  • Saturdays are my day off. We sleep in, do bills, play, watch movies, mow the lawn, and run errands.
  • I like to get up early in the morning (5 a.m.) and go to bed early at night (9 p.m. would be awesome but usually it’s closer to 11 p.m.)
  • I love being a pastor. This is the third church in which I’ve been “Pastor.”
  • Reading anything about Ronald Reagan, early in the morning with a big cup of coffee is my idea of a good start.
  • I have read the Bible through multiple times in multiple versions and typically strive to read it entirely once per year.
  • My biggest point of learning right now is coming from the wisdom of older men. I am grateful for the older men God has placed in my life.
  • My struggles have changed from anger and impatience to less anger and impatience.
  • I like UFC and someday will fight in one mixed martial arts competition. That’s it. Just one.
  • Sherri’s and my definition of success: for our children to grow up to love God and the church; to be a woman like their mom and marry a man like the man their dad is striving to become.

And so that’s some of the inside stuff about the man you call “Pastor.”

8 thoughts on “A note to the people who call me “Pastor”

    1. Hey Al!

      Man, I can’t tell you how good it was to spend time with you guys! We love you and were so pleased that you came to see us and then shared your hide-away with us! It was great!

      Love to you!

  1. I love the transparency.

    IMO, so many pastors would do well to tell about this part of their lives. It would remind people that they are human too with families and schedules and chores just like anybody else.

    Their grass doesn’t magically mow itself.
    The oil doesn’t change itself.
    Kids need BOTH of their parents.

    This explains why the “pastor” may not be immediately available at the drop of a hat – even if it’s an emergency. That’s why he should have the support of deacons/elders.

    I’m a PK, so I remember my dad getting fussed at by a church member for not “being at home to answer the phone” (this was 20+ years ago, before cell phones). I guess pastors are supposed to wait by the phone and do nothing else.

    Sorry to rant a little

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