Some follow up advice for wives… from a wife

Sherri M. is a friend of mine. Her husband, Chuck, is too.

Sherri and Chuck have been separated for a while now.

She responded to my post 6 Ideas for a Great Marriage.

Her comments must be heard. Here they are:

And for you Ladies:

#1 – Put your husband second ONLY to the LORD. Not the kids, not your mom, your sister, your best friends. He is to be the most important human on the planet as far as you are concerned.

#2 – Respect him. Even if you think it is the dumbest thing that you have ever heard.

#3 – Thank & praise him. Especially if he makes any of the efforts that Paul has outlined above. He will not touch that vacuum ever again if you criticize the way he did it.

#4 – Love him. Put a note in his sock drawer. Send a card to him at work. Make his favorite dinner on a Thursday, not just his birthday. The same things that you would do for your kids, just to see the look on their face – do it for your husband. He MUST know where he stands in your world. PROVE IT!

#5 – and probably the single most important thing that you can do for your man – Pray for him. Daily. Hourly. Whatever. Ask the LORD for wisdom, protection, his relationships with you, the kids, his boss & co-workers, his family, etc. Ask God for a good day for your husband. The benefits are astounding – try it.

As Paul said, 5 ideas that you can start immediately to create a better marriage and contribute to a better world.

2 thoughts on “Some follow up advice for wives… from a wife

  1. Ironically, as God would orchestrate events, today is exactly 5 years from that fateful day. As I sit here thinking about that, I praise Him for the wisdom that He has given me regarding my husband and myself.

    Thank you for this. My heart is a little bit happier today.

    May God be glorified!

  2. Paul,
    I LOVE the things you have posted! Rock & I just celebrated our 28th and Praise God for ALL we have been through! Having been through an almost divorce 2X in our marriage we understand how important it is NOT to criticize each other. AND if you MUST argue, pick your arguements wisely…once the words are out, you CAN’T EAT THEM as people say. NEVER fight in front of your children. We have made that mistake NOT good! Your children WILL remember! if you try to ‘kill’ your hubby DON”T DO IT FRONT OF YOUR CHILDREN EITHER!!! (this one I’m TOTALLY ashamed of!) Shaelly & David STILL talk about it!

    Rock & I learned the hard way what to do AND what NOT to do. He really does Do everything that you wrote AND I DO Everything that Sherri M wrote!

    Rock & I love each other more now than we did 28yrs ago…because we know HOW to love now.
    thanks for sharing.
    I’m STILL learning to put my thoughts down, so I too can be a good leader. I WANT TO HONOR MY LORD IN ALL I DO.
    Blessings to you and all your princesses,

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