2 thoughts on “Socialism and Capitalism

  1. Paul – very interesting quote for two reasons:

    1. Philosophically, I agree with the quote. But….
    2. When I read Acts 2:43-46, it paints a picture of the early church that almost comes across as socialist.

    While I believe that socialism just doesn’t work when applied to society as a whole, I have to admit that it does seem to work within confines of a committed church community.

    However if you titled next Sunday’s sermon “Salute to Socialism,” you would probably have some ‘splaining to do.

    Interesting paradox.

    Your thoughts?

    1. Mike!

      Great observation… but of course I would expect nothing less from the man who coined the term “Wanter.”

      How are you and Beth doing these days? We speak often and well of both of you guys.

      I agree with your observation. The difference is that in government the sharing is imposed where as in the church the giving is the result of a Spirit-oriented generosity. Additionally the places where the money is “shared” is different. It’s the difference between taxes and offerings.

      I will take your sermon title under consideration.

      Have an awesome day Great One!

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