Initiative #1 – re-launch

Recently we’ve been processing four big initiatives at our church. Over the next several days I’m going to break them down here on the blog.

Initiative #1


From our first conversation here at the church we have talked about re-launching our church.

Re-launching is much like a second Grand Opening.

We have identified and gone public with our re-launch date.

On February 14th we will re-launch our church.

Why February 14th?

  • Many new things start in January, and therefore the marketing is done in December which is already PACKED with advertising!
  • We felt that if we marketed in December for a January re-launch we would be more likely to get lost in the shuffle.
  • Marketing in January for a February start is more likely to be memorable than marketing in December for a January start.
  • Why February 14th? Do you know what February 7th is? The SUPER BOWL! We’re not going to compete with that.
  • Additionally, do you know what February 14th is? Valentine’s Day! People are thinking about love and relationships… so we’re going to re-launch with a teaching series revolving around love and marriage. (There’s some cool stuff in the works for this series)!

So, initiative #1 for our church is to re-launch on February 14th!

We’re excited, working hard, and expecting much!

2 thoughts on “Initiative #1 – re-launch

  1. Actually, Nelson Searcy contends that February is the best month of the year to launch, or re-launch in your case. Holidays are over and people are looking for something to break winter blues. Plus, you have a longer period of time for people to create the habit of attending church before summer hits and people hit vacations. Sounds reasonable to me.

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