I love Rock Hill (Part 1)

Yesterday we started a two-week teaching series called, I Love Rock Hill.

Because this is the beginning of a way of life for us we have created three social media sites:

The big idea presented yesterday was that when we “love our neighbor like we love ourselves” we, “make our faith credible and His (Jesus’) influence inevitable.”

Two standout statements from the teaching yesterday:

  • The world isn’t looking for people who “love God” (those are often called “terrorists”). The world is looking for people who love people.
  • People can’t determine how well we “love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.” But they can determine how well we “love our neighbor like we love ourselves” and that’s how we are judged.

During our service yesterday we showed an interview that I did with the mayor of our city, Doug Echols.


2 thoughts on “I love Rock Hill (Part 1)

  1. Wow, Paul,
    I think that the TV talk show guys might be in trouble! 🙂
    That was a great interview. As a mayor, I would be excited about that kind of exposure and emphasis on partnerships that affect the community. I hope Mayor Echols and you become close friends and that the church begins to influence people for Christ there.
    Go get ’em friend!

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for taking your small congregation and showing RH’s larger, longer-established congregations the way when it comes to civic engagement and mercy ministry. I enjoyed the interview with Mayor Echols. But I didn’t see you in the parade float with him Friday night. What’s the deal with that? I thought ya’ll was tight.


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