I love older men

Oh boy… I can’t wait to see who lands on this blog post because they googled “I love older men”. 😉

OK, seriously, one of the highpoints of my week is our weekly pastor’s meeting. We are a small church. In fact, I rarely call us a church. I most often refer to us as a team getting ready to launch a church. In preparation for our re-launch we have identified key, strategic leaders:

  • Dick Snyder – Pastor of Spiritual Development
  • Virgil Dey – Pastor of Pastoral Care
  • Alex Miranda – Pastor of Family Ministries
  • Chaz Maldonado – Director of Pilgrims Inn ministry
  • Jason Hebert – Worship leader

Every Tuesday morning we have breakfast together. Our ages range from early 70’s to late 20’s. The intermingling of passion, energy and wisdom is absolutely invigorating!

Our older men are wise. They give permission to the younger men’s passion. They don’t squelch dreams. They inspire and guide the dream. They show us how. They reflect and dream with us. They help us. They are a part of the team that is preparing to re-launch our church. They are one of our most valuable assets.

Recently a friend shared a quote with me (I think it came from Harry Potter). This quote reminds me of what happens every Tuesday morning: “Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels, but old men are foolish if they forget what it is to be young.” Our older men have not forgotten what it is to be young. They still dream and because they do they have influence in our lives.

I love our older men.

2 thoughts on “I love older men

  1. One of the best benefits I’ve discovered by now working with older people is the great conversations that we have. What’s cool is the motivation & learning ends up going both ways when the respect & understanding lead the way. Great that you have those guys–and I’m sure they’re grateful to have all the ‘young guys’ too!

  2. Paul, there is one thing about older guys that you should know: there is one thing that gets easier the older you get… uh… I just “forgot” what it was!

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