Breathtaking vision (#2)

I am an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church. Someday I’ll blog what I think about denominations (I do think there are some parallels between the Navy and denominations). For right now let me say that our particular denomination is going through some significant transitions… good ones!

One of our new Bishops (David Roller) recently sent out a newsletter that contained some breathtaking vision.

I imagine believers who tumble out of the church doors, convinced that they have wellness and goodness to freely pour into empty lives.

I imagine us learning to talk about Jesus as more than our sin-forgiver, but also as our anxiety-slayer, and our honor-restorer; that He wants us to prosper and thrive, to love and be loved.

I imagine clusters of good church folk forgetting to serve each other because they’re so engaged serving others.

I imagine lay people coming to full-flame as the Spirit does amazing miracles through their steps of faith.

This kind of vision is worth sacrificing for! It’s something that we can lead towards. It’s a cause worth giving our lives for!

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