What kind of friends do you have?

What kind of friends do you have? Do they all look like you? Do they all think, talk, and dress like you?

Some of the greatest experiences in my life come from being friends with people who are not like me!

I am a conservative Christian, and I’m okay with that.

I have friends who are not Christians, and I’m okay with that. They can be my friends even if they don’t believe like I do. They can be my friends even if they NEVER believe like I do. Of course I want them to believe like I do, but they are not projects to be worked on, they are people to be loved and enjoyed and from whom I can learn much.

I love being friends with people who can handle my Christian faith, my conservative politics, my sexuality, my skin color, and my personal preferences and still  be comfortable enough in their own skin to simply be who they are in front of me.

How about you? What kind of friends do you have?

3 thoughts on “What kind of friends do you have?

  1. “One of the best parts of being a bonafide grownup is that you can have friends who are just downright strange…..and love them to pieces”

    -Berth Moore 🙂

  2. When we can learn to be a friend without setting the expectation that they must be just like us, that is when we are blessed the most. We can learn so much from friends that are different from our views, beliefs, and opinions. It lets us see life from another perspective. We can sharpen each other like steel on steel. We can be so different, yet so similar. Why? The answer is so simple, we are human. We all have emotions, feelings, desires, longings, we all want to be accepted in some shape or form. Why do we make things so complex? Life can be so simple, yet we make it so hard. Be a friend, and you will gain a friend. One thing that I have learned in life is to be “who you are.” People will accept you. We are all unique, and special in our own way.
    The older I get the more I realize you can never have to many friends to share your life with.


  3. Apparently I don’t quite understand what the definition of friend is. I have many, many people with whom I can sit and chat with and from every walk of life but are they really my friend???? Please clarify what friend means and I’ll tell you what kind I have. I can eat lunch and talk for hours with just about anyone but does that make them friend????? I dunno.

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