Big news for the church in Rock Hill

Last night we had Wednesday Night Live and shared a LOT of big news!

Let’s get into it!

New Name.

Until last night our name was New Life Free Methodist Church. After much discussion and a solid change process, we have changed our name. Let me tell you why.

  • There are a LOT of New Life ministries in our area (click here to see what I mean). When we tell people that we are “New Life Church” we have to tell them which one.
  • Additionally, we are the only Free Methodist Church in South Carolina. When we tell people we are from “New Life Free Methodist” the first question they ask is, “What’s a Free Methodist?” I’m a Free Methodist because I align with them theologically and ecclesiastically, BUT I do not want my first conversation with someone to be about my denomination! I want my first conversation to be about them or Jesus!
  • Often in Scripture, when God is doing a work in someone’s life He would change their name (e.g. Abram to Abraham; Saul to Paul). We believe that while God has done a good work here, He is preparing to do a new work and we wanted to openly recognize this work.
  • We have identified a name that is a conversation starter but the conversation will be an easy entrance into the story of how Jesus has changed our lives.

Our new name is…

Our tagline is “Where new life begins.” We believe that when people meet Jesus they will do a 180 and a new life will start! Yea! Our church name is now, Church180. (BTW, my friend Justin Michau from Cashmere Creative did the design work for us)

New People

We are re-launching on February 14th. Prior to our re-launch we are notifying our community through multiple means:

  • On February 8th 27,000 people within a five mile radius of our church will receive an invitation to be our guest at our re-launch!
  • On February 11th, 6,500 people within a two mile radius of our church will receive another mailer inviting them to be a part of our “His, Hers, Ours” teaching series.
  • We will be advertising locally on Facebook with an average of 39,000 people per day seeing Church180 adds on their Facebook page.
  • And we are also working on some other marketing options.

In short, we expect to see new people. Last night we discussed what we are going to be doing for them and have some cool ideas up our sleeves! We are excited to welcome and love the people we are already praying for… and ultimately to help them do a 180 as they meet Jesus!

And finally…

New Space

We are currently meeting in a store front… a renovated CVS drugstore.

Last night we announced that we have secured the space next door to us in which we will expand our Family Ministry! We now have a whole storefront space to be used for our kids!

Last night we toured this new space. As we stood there marveling at what God is doing we broke out in prayer and songs of worship to Him. We are humbled and excited at what God is doing and look forward to introducing people to Jesus!

We welcome your prayer as we move forward here in Rock Hill!

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