Church180 in the school

Communities should be better because of the influence of the local church.

One of the things that we have determined is that we are not going to do everything that can be done, but only what we can do, and do with passion. Because there are a ton of great organizations (both for-profit and non-profit) that are doing good things in our community we determined not to compete with any of them, but rather partner with a small number that were doing things that were close to our heart. We chose two, Pilgrims Inn (a shelter for homeless women and children) and Ebinport Elementary (a local, public elementary school).

Last night, our Family Ministries Pastor, Alex Miranda, spoke at the Ebinport PTO meeting. He, in conjunction with the school leadership, is introducing a program intended to plug dads into the school day!

The program is called, Watch D.O.G.S. (you can read more about it here) or you can just watch this video…

At this point six (and more are on the way) dads have signed up to be a part of this program!

I’m proud of our church and I’m grateful to work with such great community leaders as Shane Goodwin of Ebinport! Together we are working hard to make our community a great place to live!

We (Church180) believe that a great community is a byproduct of what happens when Christians live like Jesus did.

Alex, Angela, Wendy, Bruce, and the rest of our team that is serving at Ebinport… I’m proud of you!

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