Jesus (based on a true story)

Starting this weekend we are going to begin a journey. A journey that leads us back to the person on whom our faith is built… Jesus.

For a while now I’ve had a sense of frustration. A sense that all is not as it should be. A sense that Christianity in general and church in particular has become too complicated. Admittedly, while I level this charge I am not certain what “as it should be” looks like… yet.

I see “Complicated Christianity” in many places… tweets, blogs, books, conversations, meetings I’m in (even many that I lead), conferences, etc. Christianity has become a profession… an industry… a way of life that is not the life that Jesus intended for us… at least I hope not. I hope not because it’s not fulfilling. It’s just busy… and often self-serving.

My heart is longing to know Jesus… to encounter the Son of God in a way that explodes the religious fortress in which I am ensconced.

Over the last few months, while asking God what He wants to say to me, and then to Church180, I have continually confronted this theme. So, we’re simply going to go to the book of Matthew and begin walking through it. For how long, I don’t know but we’re going to talk about, pray to, and begin following Jesus in the hopes of rediscovering a simple, fresh relationship with our living Savior, Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Jesus (based on a true story)

  1. Can’t wait to watch this sermon series. This is exactly where I’m at. Don’t really care about how to do church, just want to know what Jesus is really about.

  2. Have enjoyed the past 2 Sundays. What a great feeling to know that I’m not the only one who understands “doing religion” vs. having a relationship. Think God the Father, the Son & Holy Ghost might be enjoying the breath of fresh air that you are allowing to be breathed. Can never question where God send us, just have to be willing to GO. Thanks. šŸ™‚

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