Swing that bat!

Have you ever swung the bat so hard you fell down? Oh, and you missed the ball too! Ahhh… that’s terrible! Getting up is awkward. Settling in to swing again is accompanied by haunting memories of your last swing and fall. Your confidence is shaken, your ego is wounded, and your knee is wrenched too (or something like that)!

Coming off an experience like this (you need to read this to understand where this post comes from) is much like getting up to swing again.

STOP! If you haven’t clicked on and read the link above you shouldn’t read on any further… or your computer will dissolve into a small pile of apple dust (or PC dust).

So what’s a guy (or a girl) do after falling down? You get up. You get up and start swinging again. The first few swings may be timid, marked by a lack of confidence, but the more you swing the better you will get. You swing that bat!

I’m swinging the bat.

Honestly, I’m still a little timid with my swing. My knee still hurts a little bit and the recollections of falling still linger every time I make a leadership decision… and yet I must swing the bat. I must play in the game to which I’ve been called. I cannot stop swinging… and neither can you!

One thought on “Swing that bat!

  1. I’ve been thinking along these lines for a dew weeks now. A question I faced recently is: Whats the purpose of discipline? Is it to build us stronger or to break us downto dust so that we can determine our make-up? We will not know our true strengths, weaknesses, and the depths of our “gut” until we are put in the fire and singed. You and Sherri were put in te furnace and left to “purify” for a while. Glare at the pitcher, call your hits, rely on your support, and stay HUMBLE brother! Love you guys, stay the course…

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