A date with six ladies

Every Thursday night is “Date Night” for Sherri and me. We have 4 hours of time in which all children are left behind (except baby Karis). It’s wonderful and breathes life into our marriage! It is literally my favorite meeting of the week.

Last night our babysitter was sick so we called an audible and took all of the ladies on our date! It was a blast! I am such a blessed man to live with 6 talented and beautiful ladies.

2 thoughts on “A date with six ladies

  1. Paul they are all so beautiful…God has really blessed you…We love you all…Wish we could see you sometime…

  2. It just doesn’t get any better than this dude; seeing those 5 little ones looking up at you, just wondering what your’e going to do next to make their life richer and more exciting. Drink up every drop!

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