World Care… in our backyard

I’m so excited about how Church180 is caring for the world… especially the part in our backyard!

We have decided that though there is much that can and should be done, we cannot do everything and therefore we won’t. We have chosen two community partners (Ebinport Elementary and Pilgrims Inn) and we are pouring our resources (human and financial) into those two organizations. Because we have limited our focus we are able to do more for these two organizations than we would if we were trying to help multiple organizations.

Now here’s why I’m excited…

On July 15-18 a team of volunteers from our partner church in Atlanta, Georgia, Mountain Lake Church, is rolling into town. Our two churches together are going to tackle two big work projects, one for each of our community partners.

At Ebinport Elementary we are going to make their old, boring cafeteria a fun “must-be” place! Apex Marketing Solutions is partnering with Kim Buchanan (a local decorator) to create a cafeteria so cool that it makes me want to go back to elementary!

At Pilgrims Inn we are going to put a new roof on the building that houses homeless children during the day! Every time it rains they have to move the children to another place. We are going to fix that!

We will literally be touching hundreds of children because of these two work projects! I think that Jesus would do something like this. I think He would be fired up about making life better for little children! I think He would and so we are!

I want to send a huge, public shout out to:

  • Taft Floyd and Jerry Hyatt, owners of Apex Marketing Solutions. These guys do great work and are an invaluable partner in this effort to care for the world in our backyard!
  • Kim Buchanan, a local decorator and the early child care minister at Church180! She is overseeing this project and is an all-star!
  • Mountain Lake Church, for sending a team of fired-up volunteers to help us share the love of Jesus with hundreds of children here in Rock Hill!
  • Shane Goodwin, Principle at Ebinport Elementary for being such a great guy to work with!
  • Susan Dean, Executive Director at Pilgrims Inn for working with us on this project!
  • And finally, to the awesome volunteers from Church180 who are going to really show the love of Jesus in a way that will be helpful! I love you guys!

God cares about the world and now Rock Hill will know it!

One thought on “World Care… in our backyard

  1. I can’t wait to hear what happens with these projects.

    This is what it’s all about….being IN and a part of our community demonstrating love.


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