A little something different

This week I have been painting a house.

It has been refreshing. I have been working long days in the hot sun carrying ladders, slinging paint, and dodging rain drops.

I haven’t listened to the radio much and thus far this week I’ve only checked my e-mail one time. I haven’t twittered, and Facebook has not seen my face. It’s been nice.

Mark Batterson always says, “Change of place plus change of pace = maximum creativity.” I don’t know if painting a house will make me more creative but I do know that it will put a few callouses on my hands, give my body a good workout, give my mind a break, and let a whole different side of me get to work.

I like the break from mind work. It makes me better and I’ll come back stronger than ever!

So how about you? What do you do to change your pace and fire fresh juices into your system?

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