Good bye to Sadie

Today we said goodbye to Sadie, our pet for the last ten years.

We had Sadie before any of our children. Before we had children we treated her like our child.

She greeted all five of our daughters when we brought them home from the hospital. She traveled with us to the beach for many years. She made made four moves with our family. She was a great guard dog who kept lots of people at bay. She was wonderful with all of our children. We never worried about them with her. We have lots of great memories with her and sure are glad for the ten years we had with her.

After talking at length with the veterinarian, consulting with several people, crying, and crying some more, we made one of the hardest decisions we’ve ever made… “say goodbye to Sadie.”

We all sat on the floor in a small room in the veterinarian’s office and hugged her and talked to her as she went to sleep. And then we left the room.

It is a really sad night.

6 thoughts on “Good bye to Sadie

  1. I feel your pain……..we had to put our “baby” to sleep a year ago and took a while to get over that. Sadie looked like a sweetheart of a pet!

  2. We did the same thing with Kitty last Oct. I cried so hard I junked a pair of contacts. She would sleep in bed with each kid, every night, moving from one to the other, and finally settling down with me. She was a good cat. I understand your grief. *hugs*

  3. Paul I am so sorry to hear you had to put Sadie to sleep – she was a great dog and you gave her a great life!

  4. Paul as I read you blog it brought tears to my eyes. My dearest little buddy is 17 1/2 years old and is feeling like a very old man ..I know God is going to take him home soon and I am doing my best to prepare my self. Unless you are a real animal lover no one would ever understand or feel the pain. I feel your pain.But he is in heaven….having lots of fun…God you all.

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