Why I like being a pastor

The other day I tweeted, “I love being a pastor.” Someone asked, “Why?”

Great question.

Here’s why:

  • Jesus has changed me. There is nothing better than introducing people to Him. If people get fired up about some silly herb that has changed their life, why shouldn’t we get fired up about a God/man who has changed ours? I am. I love that He has trusted me to be employed in this line of service to Him.
  • I love the Bible. Reading, studying, wrestling with, and teaching the Scriptures is a high point.
  • Often I hear people’s worst stories and failures and their greatest successes. I love being trusted with those details and find it particularly pleasing when I am able to point them to resources (i.e. people, scriptures, etc.) that can help them in their hurt or celebrate with them in their success!
  • I love (usually) the weight of the church. Preaching is only one thing that pastors do. We also are up to our necks in normal leadership “stuff” (e.g. budgets, facilities, personnel management, crisis management, strategic planning, tactical decision making, etc.). Many nights I lie awake in bed thinking about, praying for and dreaming about Church180!
  • I love preaching/teaching! I particularly like the tough topics (e.g. money, sex, forgiveness, etc.). When I know these sermons are coming up I get a knot in my stomach and sweaty palms, but I love to bring the truth of  Scripture to the church. I love wrestling with how to clearly, simply and graciously present tough topics.
  • I enjoy working with teams of people. From our pastors to our Advisory Team to all of the wonderful volunteers that I get to work with, there is great joy here!
  • I also enjoy the chunks of quiet, alone time to focus on study and prayer. I think that the best gift I can give to our church is a man who has been with and heard from God, so I actually spend quite a bit of time alone reading and studying the Bible and talking with and hearing from God.
  • I love watching people take “next steps” in their faith journey. It is exciting to see people’s faith mature!

So there are some of the top reasons I love being a pastor!

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