Sunday mornings in a preacher’s house

It’s Sunday morning.

What does that look like at “the preacher’s” house?

I usually get up around 4 a.m. to go over my sermon, pray for our church, and drink coffee!

“The ladies” start rousing around 6 a.m. and then we go into high gear!

Wash faces… brush teeth… cloth 5… eat cereal… fix hair… wash faces again… depending on how the cereal part goes we may have to change clothes again… find some article of clothing that has been misplaced… determine whose silly band it “really” is… make Mrs. Peterson hot tea!

Target time to head out the door is 8:45.

Arrive at church.

The biggest thing for me here is to remember that I am a husband and daddy before I am a pastor. Sunday’s are “game day” for a pastor. I try to not pass that pressure on to my family so that they will not dread Sundays.  I want my girls to love church and look forward to what happens on Sunday and the quickest way to derail that hope is to allow the pressure I feel to drip on them.

The “pressure” is this = I will be telling a lot of people what God wants/thinks/likes/dislikes, etc. The words that I speak will go a long way towards shaping people’s understanding of God, the church and Christianity. I take this seriously and therefore go into every Sunday morning well prepared and with a knot in my belly. It would be easy to let this pressure spill out into my home on Sunday mornings. I have not always done a great job at channeling this pressure. These days though, it’s getting better and the Peterson family looks forward to Sundays at Church180!

And that’s what a Sunday morning looks like in this preacher’s house!

One thought on “Sunday mornings in a preacher’s house

  1. “depending on how the cereal part goes we may have to change clothes again…”

    This is exactly why we eat breakfast in pj’s. Someone will definitely spill. It saves on laundry. 🙂

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