It’ll take longer but it’s worth it

Sherri and I regularly ask parents who have great children to share with us their “I wish I would have…” and “I’m glad I did…” thoughts and practices.

Almost without exception the regrets and satisfactions revolve around time spent with their children.

Several years ago I read something from John Maxwell that went something like this, “If you travel with people the journey will always take longer but it will always be more fun and worth it in the end” (that’s my rough paraphrase).

There are so many times as a parent when it would be so much easier to simply brush our children aside and do it ourselves. It would get done quicker and with much less mess! BUT someday our kids will be gone. My prayer is that we will send our girls out into life with a bunch of great memories and a backpack filled with life lessons that will set them up for success!

Last night, while preparing for the Thanksgiving meal, Sherri did a great job of investing in Dallas! The food was great, memories were made and I was able to capture some priceless moments!

2 thoughts on “It’ll take longer but it’s worth it

  1. What wonderful memories, my helper this year was Cassy, she has had a rough year and to actually sit with her and have her help with dinner was great and she was so proud. I am so glad that I got to share those memories with her.

  2. I think I read this when you first published it, but I keep thinking about it. Especially today, as I try to wrap presents with my almost 3 year old who wants to be (impatiently) ever-so-helpful!

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