How I meet with & learn from great leaders

One of the things that brings me great pleasure are the early morning meetings I have.

I regularly meet with high profile leaders before 5 a.m.  During this time they share their best leadership ideas with me and answer most of my big questions. It’s not always easy to get up as early as I do to have these meetings, but these leaders are always willing to meet with me early in the morning, and I generally find that the loss of sleep is more than compensated for with the input of wisdom that I get from these veteran leaders.

I regularly meet with pastors, politicians, business leaders, professors, and theologians. I take my biggest questions to them and wrestle through my biggest decisions with the benefit of their insight.

They could meet me at any time really, but I prefer the early mornings so that’s when they show up. A cup of coffee, a veteran leader, my questions and a notebook to record what I’m learning from them. This brings me great pleasure and makes me a better leader.

So how is it that I have such incredible connections? Books.

Because these great leaders have taken the time to put their best thoughts in print, I have access to their best thinking. When I take the time to read and interact with what they are saying it is like having a multiple hour meeting with a high profile leader!

You can meet with them too! How? Start reading today!

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