Sticky statements (Part 2) – Get better to get bigger

I’ve been reflecting on a few statements that over the last several months have been planted in my mind and have stuck in my heart.

The big three:

I want to drill down a little bit on what JR Lee told me.

“Get better to get bigger.” JR Lee

People who talk about organizations and systems often say something like this, “You are getting what your system isdesigned to give.” That statement is true both corporately and personally.

You are getting, right now, what you have prepared for. Think about it… financially, physically, relationally… the output is always connected to the input. The same is true for the organization you lead or work at. The results you are getting are tied to the practices you engage in.

If you want different results you must change your practices.

Leaders want things to grow… change… evolve. The only way this happens though is for us to continually evaluate and improve our practices.

Let me give you an example.

Right now at Church180 we have first-time guests almost every weekend. Apparently our marketing system is working.

What we are not doing so great at is retaining and assimilating our guests. We must change our practices if we are to change this outcome. In other words, if we want to grow (get bigger), then we must first get better.

This idea has personal implications too. For instance, personal finances. Yesterday I talked to a couple who recently went through the C180 money class. They told me, “It has changed our lives.” As a result of this class, they changed their practices and now their finances are looking much different! They got better and consequently they are getting bigger.

I could go on about this but it’s time to get “The Ladies” ready for school so I’ll wrap it up.

The bottom line is this, if you are not happy with the results you must change the practices. If you want to get bigger, you must first get better.

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