What I want for my girls

Last night Sherri and I were talking about what we want for our girls as they become adults.

This morning I’ve spent some time praying, thinking and journaling.

A few lines from my journal (heart):

“Last night Sherri and I talked about our girls. We want them to be significant, great in this world. We realize that our home and example will set them up for this. I realize that I am not intentionally teaching my children many things I want for them.

A couple of questions bear asking: 1) What do I want them to know? 2) How will I teach them?

I want them to be strong, courageous, generous, helpful, perseverant, respectful, initiative takers, and lovers of God.

I want them to be thoughtful and articulate. I want them to know what they want and to pursue it with all their hearts.

I want them to enjoy their life and family.

I want them to know how to handle their money (earn it, give it, save it, spend it).

I want them to cheer for the underdog and lead winning teams.

I want them to seek the truth and speak their convictions graciously and boldly.

I want them to be humble and wise.

I want them to fear and enjoy God.”

Recently I had a conversation with a friend about “growing up.” Being a father is a huge responsibility that requires mature reflection  and wisdom regarding timing, and parental interactions.

I want to be a father who is intentional about teaching my children, modeling healthy living, and enjoying every possible moment with them.

God, I’m going to need a lot of help. Thanks.

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