Preaching about sex

This Sunday, at Church180, we are starting a four week series through the book of Song of Solomon.

We are calling it “Bedroom Talks: God, Sex & Romance.”

This week I had a parent contact me wondering about the content and whether or not their young teenager should be present.

This is how I responded:

“Your thoughtfulness regarding the upcoming sermon series is understandable and appreciated. A few thoughts that may prove helpful to you as you make your decision:
  • I am praying that God will guide my words as I speak, and help me to be both forthright and classy while discussing the topic of sex and romance. In short, I am praying for wisdom and courage.
  • I am talking with our Advisory Team and pastors regarding the content of this series.
  • There will be opportunity in this series to explain the right environment for such pleasure… marriage.
  • This series might provide a great launching point for conversations with [your teen] about things he may already know and if not, will surely learn soon via media and friends. I imagine that what God, the church, and you have to say about it will be healthier than anything he will learn from media and peers.
  • If you are unsure of what might come, you could come to the 11:00 service when we have a student ministry for teens. It is held next door. After hearing the content of the message you could, if you are comfortable with it, listen to it together online and discuss what has been said.
  • [Parent], my guess is that [your teen] is already asking questions. I was, and I’ll bet you were too at 13. The pressing issue here is where will [your teen] find answers! God, the church, and you are the best answer points!
  • As a parent who happens to be a pastor, I am addressing this issue in a way that is as cautious and simultaneously honest with the Scriptures as I can be. In short, I am making my best effort to be a gentleman discussing holy thoughts about sexuality, and not a punk in a locker room setting.
I hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please ask and I will address them as quickly and honestly as I can!


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