I’m a parent. I am afraid.

Yesterday I wrote a post in which I talked about the things I’m not afraid of.

Today, I wanted to write about the things that frighten me.

  • Me. Seriously. There are days when I look at myself and say, “What the heck are you doing? Get in the game!” I try really hard to be a great dad, but no one knows like I do the gaping holes in my game. I get angry too quick. Sometimes I yell. I get focused on a project and miss what’s going on in the princess kingdom… of which I’m supposed to be a part. I could continue this incriminating list, but you get the point. I am terrified of me. I want my girls to love and honor God, marry a good man, know how to handle money, work hard, be perseverant, initiate, take risk, etc. and much of that depends on how I live today! The thing I fear the most is that the man they see in the future is the man I am today! (Good news, I can change!)
  • Peer pressure. I just watched the Grammy’s and realized, though I watch UFC and have a couple cool shirts… I’m pretty out of the loop. Honestly, even if I were “in the loop”, how many kids think their parents are cool? I’m afraid of the culture that is defining “cool”… a culture in which sexual freedom, moral relativism, disrespect, ethical relativism, pluralism, etc. abound. It scares me that my children’s peers are embracing much of what the culture is teaching.
  • The national debt. Look, I don’t intend to turn this into a political diatribe, but I am deeply concerned about the debt crisis we are in. We are not going to get out of this quickly. As a result of generations of “kick the can down the road” economic policies my children will live with heavy financial restraints laid on them because of decisions made or not made by irresponsible politicians… Republicans and Democrats alike. They will have money deducted from their paychecks to pay for things that will never benefit them. They will have to work later in life to pay for the careless spending of multiple generations that preceded them. This worries me for them.
  • Sloppy theology. Sure, I’m a pastor, I’m “supposed to think about theology.” Well, you are too! Whether you know it or not, you are a theologian! Every day you make decisions about people, money, work, parenting, etc. based on what you think about God. I am worried that we have not been thoughtful enough about our theology and how it shapes our life. If my generation is not giving though to this matter, how can we expect that our children will be thoughtful about it. The way my kids think about or don’t think about God shapes everything about them and influences every decision they make. I’m worried about an apparent lack of thoughtful theology in our homes and churches and other public institutions and the impact that will have on my children’s future.

OK, there’s a few of the things I’m afraid of as a parent. How about you? What concerns you as a parent?


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