Sticky Statements (Part 3)

A few weeks ago I started a 3 part blog post called, “Sticky Statements.” It was a chance to flesh out three statements made by friends that have really, well, stuck with me.

They were, to refresh your memory:

Today I want to flesh out that last statement by Casey.

I’ve exercised a lot. I’ve read some books, asked big guys at the gym what their “best practices are”, watched some YouTube videos of extreme workouts and read fitness magazines. Over the years I’ve done plenty of trial and error, but without a doubt, the best workouts I’ve ever had were when I worked with a trainer. They hurt me the most (one even made me puke in my car), but my body looked and felt better than at any point in my life.

While this is true of the gym it is also true in most other areas of life too:

  • Your golf game
  • Your finances
  • Your spiritual development
  • Your business development
  • etc.

Here are some things about coaches:

  • They cost time and money and demand your attention.
  • They have high expectations.
  • They don’t put up with your whining… they push you hard or leave.
  • They do all of this because they know what it takes to win.

Too many times we want to save a buck or take shortcut. We’ll read an article, call a buddy, or just “figure it out as I go.” You can do that. You may win, but I’m becoming more certain that it will take you longer and cost you more than it would have if you would just have secured the service of a coach.

Professionals have coaches.

Amateurs stick with trial and error.

Which are you?


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