Dallas says “Recycle!”

Recently Dallas has become our resident environmentalist.

The other day, after I accidentally threw away a plastic bottle, she put her hands on her hips, tilted her head, gave me the “stink eye” and said, “Dad, what the heck are you thinking? You know you don’t throw away plastic. You must recycle it.”

Well, after having a conversation with her about how “we talk to dad” I meekly pulled the bottle from the garbage and put it in the appropriate bin.

Anyhow, yesterday after writing a book about recycling for her class, Dallas graciously gave me some time for an interview…

3 thoughts on “Dallas says “Recycle!”

  1. In Japan, you must separate your trash into 6 different colored bags, or your trash will not be collected. The bags are: burnable, colored plastic, clear plastic, glass, metal, raw trash (food scraps).

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