Riley Grace has arrived!

Well, she’s here! Riley Grace has made her grand entrance into this world… and a grand one it was!

My wonderful bride and her lovely mother, Sherri, was absolutely phenomenal! She handles pain in a way that would make a 300 pound lineman bow his head in shame. After the grimace comes the smile and a love that is so warm and big. To watch her hold and nurture her sixth daughter is an exercise in deep gratitude and love.

I can’t quit smiling. I just can’t quit!

The doctor was awesome! She let me deliver Riley! That makes three children that I have delivered! The first hands to ever hold Riley Grace were her daddy’s hands. I’m forever grateful to the doctor for letting me “catch” my daughter.

Still smiling. Yep, I just can’t quit! Amazing how much love I have in my heart for this little girl. Though this is my first time to ever meet her I love her completely. Interesting too how that with each child comes a new wave of love! I love her completely… just like I love Lexington, Reagan, Dallas, Ashton and Karis completely. Amazing.

Still smiling.

Here’s why…

9 thoughts on “Riley Grace has arrived!

  1. Our sincere congratulations for the arrival of #6! We’ll be praying for all ya’ll as you adjust to this beautiful girl! Our best to all of you.

  2. Sherri always looks soooo beautiful after giving birth to her babies!!!! Congrads you two wonderful parents!!!!

  3. Paul (and Sherri) — congrats! Love listening to you loving your ladies “out loud”! 🙂

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