A reminder: it’s not about you and me

Yesterday Bob Roberts had a string of tweets that are worth sharing:

  • Every truly great move of God in my church start with a loss of people – but wound up gaining a lot more
  • Kingdom growth & church growth are not always aligned – when they are – get out of the way – sumpin’s gonna happen – more than attendance
  • Sometimes real church growth starts with church loss, so you can start with the kingdom
  • I’ve learned that sometimes when you truly follow God and reach lost people – your church may shrink – saved people get jittery
As much as I wish this wasn’t true… it is.
Here’s what I want to always remind myself and the people of Church180…
The church does not exist for our comfort or pleasure. The church exists to reach out to the broken and those disconnected from God.
We are on a mission to help people find Jesus and to teach them how to live the life of a follower of Jesus (aka a “disciple”).
The longer you are in the church the fewer rights you have and the more responsibility you and I must assume.
The work of the church is to build a strong team to reach out to the community and the world to show the love of God and help people discover Jesus and the new life He calls us to live!

I pray that you and I will always remain aware of the mission of the church and not get jittery or selfish as the church the church expands the influence of Jesus in our community and the world!


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