Some “Waddup”

Several years ago I began the practice of periodically posting “Waddup” notes. These are simply notes that highlight some of the “stuff” going on in my life. One of the purposes of this blog is to serve as a personal journal… hence the the “waddup” posts.

Here we go…

  • Last week, Church180 and Mountain Lake Church (the church where I did my church planting internship) partnered together and contributed over 400 volunteer hours to the Pilgrims Inn project! Pilgrims Inn is a shelter for women and their children who are in life transition. It is here that they learn new job and life skills, regain their confidence, receive help during time of need, learn to love and trust again, and are coached back into health! We love partnering with Pilgrims Inn and are excited about how God is using this partnership!
  • We have identified Church180’s new family pastor! Mike VanGilder and his family are packing up and preparing to move to Rock Hill, SC! They are coming from Florida and bring experience, passion, and a desire to build on the foundation that has been established! I’m looking forward to working with Mike! The VanGilder family is: Mike, Hannah, Ellise, Gabe, Olivia and Reid!
  • Right now I am teaching through the book of James at Church180. We are nine weeks into a 13-week teaching series! This is the longest series I have ever taught. It is good for me, and for our church, to walk through this heavy hitting book verse by verse! You can hear the teachings here.
  • Since June I have been hitting the gym 4-5 times per week and working out harder than I ever have. The result is a clearer mind, a purer heart and a deeper resolve. Seriously, I am a better Christian, husband, daddy, pastor and man when my body is being stressed at the gym. A big shout out to Rob at the Brutal Iron Gym for your advise on diet and exercise, and a big shout out to Dave and Jim for working out with me!
  • One of my spiritual disciplines is to read through the Bible book of Proverbs every month. Last month I wrote down every reference to finances. This month I am writing down every reference to wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. It is amazing what happens to your heart when you let Scripture shape your thoughts. Now I’m just waiting on the money and wisdom! 😉
So that’s some of what’s been going on in my life recently.
How about you? What are some of the highlights in your life over the last six weeks?





























One thought on “Some “Waddup”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Love the “waddup” posts! Thanks for the book recommendations; I would like to read some of those. My “waddup” is that I’m in my fifth week of student teaching first grade! It’s an amazing experience!!

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