Dating Reagan

Last night was date night with Reagan.

Usually we go to Wendy’s, split a $.99 Frosty, and play Memory (she usually skunks me… though last week I won one game!).

Yesterday she wanted to go to the park. We hopped on the motorcycle and took off!

Swinging, playing tag, jumping out of swings, racing across the grass, laughing hard, panting after running… it was an amazing evening!

We were able to snap a couple of pics on my cell phone…

Dates with “The Ladies” are the most important meetings of my week. What seems small today will pay HUGE dividends tomorrow!

One hour per girl per week… less than $2 per girl per date… it’s amazing what BIG things can be accomplished with so little money!

One thought on “Dating Reagan

  1. I don’t t tweet or twitter….but you are such a good daddy!!!! God Bless you and all your amazing little ladies…..and of course sherri… are missed back in Western NY!!!!!

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