“Your form sucks”

“Not to be mean… but you’re form sucked on those last few.”

That’s what my buddy, Dave, told me after I finished a set of seated rows (a back exercise).

He was right.

Typically I’m a stickler for good form. I’d rather move less weight with proper form than more weight with sloppy form. Proper form targets the muscle I’m working on and decreases the likelihood of injury.

On that day I was just trying to move more weight than I should have. I got sloppy. He called me on it.

From that point forward my form looked better.

I was better and my back workout more effective because my buddy pointed out my sloppy form. I’m grateful for that.

Reading this morning in Proverbs I ran across this idea from Solomon:

“Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid” (Proverbs 12:1 NIV).

I don’t want to be stupid. I don’t want to incur injury because I acted stupid. I want to be strong and healthy. And in order for all of this to happen I’m going to have to have friends in my life who love me enough to occasionally say, “Your form sucks.”

Thanks Dave and thanks to all of my friends who love me enough to correct me along the way! I’m better because “heeded” correction.

How about you? Do you embrace correction or do you move away from it?

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