It’s fight time

People are in the fight of their lives. They are fighting for their marriages… they are trading blows with a fragile economy that threatens their jobs, homes, savings and stands over them with debt… they are working to beat down addictions… they are struggling to overcome their past… they are wrestling with obstacles on their way to achieving their dream… they are grappling with unexpected loss…

In short, people are fighting for their lives.

Honestly there comes a point where it almost seems easier to lay down and quit fighting… to give up… to walk away.

And yet people instinctively know that’s not right and won’t help.

God has been urging me to fight for these people. To stand up for them in prayer. To call them. To love them.

To be honest, this is overwhelming because I’m fighting too. I have a wife, six daughters, a church to lead, dreams to pursue, debts to pay, personal issues to overcome, etc. In short, I’m just like you.

But then I realize… this is what the CHURCH is called to do. To fight for one another. To stand up for one another. To come alongside one another. To pray for, encourage, support, and love one another.

If I fight for you and you fight for the guy next to you and so on and so on, we’ll make it! We will win!

So here’s the question, who are you fighting for? Who do you need to reach out to and let them know you’re standing with them and available to them? It’s time to step up and fight for one another so that when the bell rings we can all hold our hands in the air and experience the joy of victory!

By the way, if you don’t have anyone fighting for you, the best way to experience that is to fight for someone. Put yourself out there. Do what you can do for someone else and see what happens!

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