Kicking Sallie Mae to the curb

Sallie Mae. Do you know her? I do. We are intimately acquainted. She tells me what I can and cannot do. She nags me. I don’t care for her very much.

Who is she? She is the organization to whom I owe my student loans.

I’m quite ready to dismiss her from my life.

After lots of prayer, counsel, and conversation with my bride I have taken a second job.

I have begun working nights at a local hospital. All of this additional income is going to pay off my student loans.

Sherri and I figure that in 3 years (or less) we can be free from Sallie Mae… of whom we are not so fond. 😉

Our plan is to drive to this guy’s headquarters after we’ve paid our final payment, stand in the lobby of his building, scream “We’re debt free”, and then write our name on his wall.

We will do this. The journey has begun.

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